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HAF RECORDSと業務提携、J-POPカバープロジェクトへ参入いたします!

Haneda International Anime Music Festivalを運営する、(株)HAFグループ傘下のHAF RECORDSと業務提携し、同社が手がけるJ-POPカバープロジェクトへ参入いたします。随時リリース情報をお知らせいたしますので、追加発表をお待ち下さい。


We have a business partnership with HAF RECORDS that is managed by HAF GROUP Inc. The company organizes the Haneda International Anime Music Festival and J-POP cover song project. We joined the project this time and will release albums day by day. Don't miss it!

Arrow Japan Agency LLC.

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